Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Blob from the Past

I was just poking around on a few of the webcomics that I semi-regularly read, when I happened across this comic posted 2 days ago by

Sorry, but it won't let me post the image directly on here. Just follow this link.

Now, as one of the commenters noted, this joke isn't exactly anything new. In fact, when I had my own webcomic (Bill Blobkin, which is gone now but which I think I've mentioned a couple times on here) I did this in 2010:

Now obviously I'm not conceited enough to actually believe that a relatively popular webcomic saw this hack "comedy" on a personal website with virtually no traffic, decided to steal the joke, and then waited 3 years to publish it. That would require a pretty substantial leap of ego, especially for a joke that isn't even that creative in the first place.

I only bring it up at all because the similarity to the last panel was so striking that it caught my attention and made me think back to the days when I was writing that webcomic in order to feel like I was doing something vaguely creative. Also, it reminded me that I keep meaning to post the catalog from Bill Blobkin on a blog somewhere, since the site it was originally on no longer exists. If I ever get around to doing that, I'll link it on this blog for anybody who is interested.

Oh, and in case you read my previous post an were wondering, Black Sabbath sounded awesome. I'll probably write a full post detailing my thoughts on the show in the next week or so, but since I'm currently shopping for a new apartment, that's kind of on the back burner.

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