Friday, July 26, 2013

The Joys of YouTube

I was just re-re-re-re-re-re-rewatching the music video for Metallica's cover of "Turn the Page" because, well, that song is awesome. Actually, the whole thing was prompted by a friend who asked people on Facebook what their favorite metal cover songs were, and that happens to be mine. Anyway, while I was there there I noticed this comment:

"Not being funny but these old guys really need to retire, music is crap too! Look at how amazing Lil Wayne is compared to these old dicks!"

I've long since given up caring even a little bit what people have to say in the comment section, as something about online anonymity seems to breed next-level stupidity. Still, I have to be honest, a little part of my faith in humanity died. I mean, even if we were to accept this guy's rather poor assumption that rap is inherently better than metal (a point I absolutely refuse to concede), are you telling me he couldn't have come up with a better rapper than Lil Wayne? Seriously? Not even Tupac or somebody? Yikes.

Let's forget about him, though. Metallica calls.

1 comment:

  1. That comment literally made me chuckle out loud. What an absurd comparison. He may as well have said "The Dixie Chicks" or "Skrillex."

    I do love this song, and the video makes it even more powerful. I wouldn't call it my favorite metal cover. I would say "Mercyful Fate" is, or maybe Death's "Painkiller." But if we're talking metal covers of non-metal songs, I'd go with either "Last Caress / Green Hell" or "Die Die My Darling." If we're going to exclude punk songs as well, then it becomes a lot more difficult to choose one. There are quite a few that come to mind. I think it was Moonspell who did a cover of "Missing," In Flames did "Land of Confusion," and . . . there are just too many to mention.