Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finntroll - Bloodsvept

Finntroll have long resided on the list of bands I like reasonably well but don't actively follow. They were largely responsible for piquing my interest in folk metal, but after that they just kind of faded into the background of my consciousness.

Well with the release of the Finnish crew's newest album this spring, I decided to give them my attention again, and I wasn't disappointed. Their music really hasn't changed in any notable way: it's still fantasy-infused folk metal played with plenty of skill and energy. This album feels a little angrier to me than the last Finntroll material I listened to, but to be fair I haven't caught the last couple of albums. In general, I'd say that this has a little more metal and less folk than their old music, but it still feels very much like the same band I remember.

The snarling Swedish vocals, the hyperactive guitars, the spash of flavor from accordions and synths, and the goofy costume aesthetic of the band are all still there and they all click. This is not a brilliant, powerhouse album that redefines the sub-genre or anything, but it's a very good record that works well on a number of levels. If you like folk metal then you already know these guys and have likely checked this out yourself by now. If you don't, then this is as good a place as any to start.

Grade: B+

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