Sunday, January 6, 2013

Aetherium Mors - Drenched in Victorious Blood

Aetherium Mors are a an aggressively anti-religious blackened death metal band, more black than death, from the UK. They recently recorded their debut album, of which I received a promo copy.

This is good, mean, ugly music. The riffs are crunchy and they have a lot of bite. All of the instrumentation is well handled and solidly performed. The tight, fast drumming is particularly good. Honestly, though, there are no real weak spots to be found. The vocals are nasty and suitably aggressive, relatively good for stuff on the meatier end of the black metal spectrum.

I can't help feeling like there's more to this music than I've gleaned thus far. There's something that just feels like I'm not fully connecting to the record. I mean, I like it and it sounds good, but this is one of those albums I can't seem to fully process for some reason. It feels to me like a possible grower, so I'm probably going to come back to it several times to see how it strikes me as time passes.

Anyway, I'd certainly recommend giving this a whirl. I already like it pretty well, and I think I'll grow to like it more. Since this is a debut, I'm doubly interested in the future because I think these guys could go on to produce some really good stuff.

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