Monday, December 3, 2012

VBMC: Still Vegan and Still Metal

A while back, I wrote a short post mentioning the YouTube channel Vegan Black Metal Chef. I'm going to bring it back up again today for three reasons.

First, when I initially encountered the channel I really didn't really know how long it would stick around on YouTube. The channel was only about a month old when I wrote up that first article, and I figured there was a good chance it would just disappear after a little while. Other novelty cooking shows were springing up on there at the time, so it seemed natural for some smaller ones to emerge and just fade away after failing to capture much of an audience. So I'm bringing it up simply because I'm glad to see it has survived. The videos have been extremely infrequent, with today's upload being only the second in the past six months, but the channel is still alive.

Second, because they just produced a new video and I just watched it, it is on my mind at the moment. Not only that, but it has made me hungry. I think I'll go make something to eat when I'm finished posting this.

Finally, the real reason I'm so drawn to that channel is that while the music is presumably just a novel vehicle for giving cooking instructions, it is actually surprisingly good. Over the past year and a half, the sound has been polished and improved to the extent that I'd honestly rather listen to the newest VBMC video than over half of the "real" black metal songs I've heard this year. I really enjoy and appreciate that element of the videos, and it makes me want to share them.

So anyway, here's the new Vegan Black Metal Chef video.

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