Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Top Five Bands Right Now

Metallattorney just published a post of his current top five favorite bands. We all have our established long-time favorites, but at a given time, the bands that are really doing it for us may not be those exact same ones. Well, I really liked the idea of that post, so I'm going to totally rip him off and do the same thing.

As of today, these are the top five bands I'm listening to and loving the most.


#5. Grand Magus
When I've felt in the mood for something just straight-forward, old-fashioned, and catchy as hell I've found myself turning to Grand Magus an awful lot recently. It helps that their newest album was strong and enjoyable. I'm actually listening to this song right now.


#4. Unleashed
I was absolutely blown away when I heard the new Unleashed record, and that got me going back through their older material. They've been incredibly consistent for a couple decades, and they've got their own flavor that doesn't seem quite the same as any of the other big Swedish death metal acts. 


#3. Amon Amarth
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am ALWAYS in the mood for Amon Amarth. In terms of their ability to instantly appeal to me at any time, regardless of my what else I may be listening to or feeling or thinking about, it would not be out of line to say that Amon Amarth are my number one go-to band.


#2. Septicflesh
Unfortunately I didn't hear The Great Mass  when it came out last year. I've been making up for it, though, with repeated listenings over the past few months. It really just has a grand sense of drama that augments the harshness extremely well, and I'm absolutely loving it recently.


#1. Melechesh
The Middle Eastern monsters are my top band at the moment. They've got fantastic material, and since Nile have grown kind of stale in recent years, Melechesh have basically taken over their spot. More than that, they've easily surpassed any level of interest I've ever had in Nile, with their flawless blend of black metal, death metal, and regionally appropriate folk music. Right now, I'm really buying what they're selling.

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  1. I love all of those bands as well. Most of them were fairly difficult to leave off of my own list.