Friday, September 21, 2012

Greek Gods of Metal

It seems like every time I turn around these days there is another Greek metal band releasing something awesome. At present, there are three Greek albums I've got on my mind. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to hear any of them in their entirety yet, but I've listened to a sample track or two off of each. That's been enough to get me excited about hearing the full records.


Kawir are a highly underrated black metal band who focus on Greek mythology. Their sound is a little slower, softer, and more dramatic than most black metal acts, putting them somewhere on the fringes of pagan metal. In any case, their previous release (2008's Ophiolatreia) was very good, and this month they came out with their new album, ΙΣΟΘΕΟΣ.


Mencea are a progressive death metal band who released their second album, Pyrophoric, back in March. I really like their vocals, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the full album at some point.


Nordor are a group who sound something like Septicflesh doing straight death metal, or at least that's how they strike me. They've actually been around since 1989, but after a scattering of demos they stopped recording for a long time. This summer's Erga Omnes is their second full-length album.

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