Monday, September 24, 2012

For Cryptopsy Fans

If you're anything like me, you were shocked and horrified when Cryptopsy decided to squat down and drop the monstrous pile of crap that was The Unspoken King right on their fans' heads. After that, many metalheads simply wrote Cryptopsy off as one more name on the long list of extreme metal sellouts. Well it's been four years now, and earlier this month Cryptopsy released their second album with Matt McGachy on vocals.

This self-titled follow up to that dreadful metalcore abomination had the task of showing everybody whether the band had realized the extent of their misstep and wanted to make amends, or if they were happy to follow their new course. That's a dubious moment for a metal fan, since we all know on which side of the fence that ball usually lands.

Well, good news folks: your band is back. Despite the less than promising cover and the continued absence of Lord Worm, the Canadians have decided to return to death metal. And from what I've heard of it, the new record is actually pretty solid. Fans should count themselves lucky. Many of us never get our beloved bands back once they decide to chase after the big money.


  1. I'll still probably avoid it honestly. I just haven't liked any of the stuff they have done without Lord Worm.

  2. That's certainly understandable.