Friday, January 27, 2012

Glenn and Jesper?!

My brother just dropped an interesting metal story in my lap: Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström are back in action. The duo who formerly anchored the original In Flames lineup are part of a new group called The Resistance. They don't have an entry on Metal Archives yet, but there is a little demo material floating around online.

I soon learned that their vocalist is in fact Marco Aro, who did the vocals on two of The Haunted's studio albums: Made Me Do It and One Kill Wonder. That came as no surprise since, from the track I heard, they sound more like The Haunted than they do anything else. I've heard their other material sounds different than this frankly pretty unimaginative cut, but I've been unable to locate any of their other material thus far.

I find it puzzling and a bit troubling that there is info relating to this band that goes back as early as March of last year, yet there's nothing concrete I can find aside from one demo track, a members list, and a few short promos.

In any event, even though this story evidently broke a while ago, it's news to me. Here's the one song I can actually find.

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