Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nightmare Dessert

I was sitting around thinking about food (as I am wont to do) when I started really wanting pie (as I am also wont to do). Pie is awesome, but there are some things that are even better. Like, for example, horror movies. Horror movies are super awesome. Especially ones that pull on Lovecraftian influences, though there are of course plenty of cool horror films in other veins. Those aren't the kind I'm thinking about right now, though.

Anyway, something along the lines of that spazzy reasoning chain reminded me of something I made with my sister when I went back to Ohio to visit my family this past Christmas. It seems very appropriate to share, given how often I bring up H.P. Lovecraft on here, but as far as I can remember I haven't posted it on this blog before.

So here he is, the nightmare king of desserts. Tremble in fear before his sweet, jiggling, gooey goodness.

Without further ado, I present to you: PIETHULHU!

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