Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy were one of the bands I really enjoyed when I was first getting into metal. I don't talk about them often, but there was a point in time when they were easily in my top 10 favorite metal bands. Over the years I've moved away from them, much as I've moved away from listening to Children of Bodom and Shadows Fall, but I still remember that time when they were near the top of the heap for me. As such, whenever I see a new bit of news relating to them, I take notice. Most recently, I learned that earlier this month Angela Gossow stepped down as the band's vocalist. This is news not just for Arch Enemy fans, but for the metal world at large, as Gossow is probably the most iconic female vocalist in metal. She has been at the center of the band's identity for well over a decade, so seeing her leave is pretty surprising. Evidently she'll be taking on a management role, so her relationship with Arch Enemy remains intact, but it's still a notable change.

The group just released the lead single from their upcoming album, featuring their new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of The Agonist). While I'm not crazy about her former band, she sounds pretty good on this release so I think the transition should go fairly smoothly. I don't think this shakeup will do anything to bring me back into the fold as a fan, but from the sounds of this track their current fan-base should be satisfied with Gossow's replacement.

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