Monday, August 5, 2013

The Beards - Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard

I've mentioned The Beards on this blog more than once. The comedy folk-rock group from Adelaide, Australia exclusively write and record songs about facial hair. Their style is pretty flexible, in stark contrast with their subject matter.

The band have, on their two previous albums, been rather funny and pretty descent on a musical level. Last year they released album number three, and while I didn't laugh quite so much this time around I think it might be their best release yet. The band has really focused on the musical aspect of their writing, and it shows. With tracks ranging from piano ballads to ZZ Top-esque rock, and even some lovely sax solos here and there, they really put together a good sounding record. Admittedly, the songs taken individually are not stylistically groundbreaking, but what The Beards demonstrate is an ability to play several different types of folk, rock, and pop with skill and energy.

I'd actually enjoy listening to this even with more conventional lyrics, so given the band's fixation with one of my favorite subjects, I really dig this.

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