Friday, November 2, 2012

Drinking and Driving

No, not at the same time. I just got back this afternoon from a couple days at my parents' house. While there, I made the notable discovery that I am no longer comfortable sleeping on the top tier of a bunk bed. I slept on one for a decade or more while I was growing up, but these days climbing back up on that precarious perch is just a bit nerve-racking.

Anyway, last night my dad and I had a tasting session with some beers and whiskeys. He's recently taken a big interest in whiskey, especially bourbon. I, on the other hand, am more of a beer drinker. So I brought a couple beers to the table, and he pulled down some stronger stuff. These are the things we had, in order.

Dundee's Irish Red Lager: We tried this beer first. It's nice and crisp up front, very smooth going down, and not overly bitter. I like Irish reds in general, and this is a pretty good one.

Old Rasputin: A Russian Imperial stout, this is what we had next. Powerful stuff that's jet black, it has all the strong, burnt flavors you get from this vein of beer. I don't care much for stuff quite this heavy, and neither did he.

Rebel Yell: Our first whiskey was a relatively cheap bourbon. It's surprisingly smooth going down, though it doesn't have a lot of depth.

The Glenlivet: Next up was a scotch. The mellowest of the hard liquors we tried, it also had a pleasant oak aftertaste that gradually changes toward peat with each successive sip. Easily the most enjoyable of the whiskeys.

George Dickel: We ended with a Tennessee sour mash whiskey which had a higher proof than the other two. It was really sharp and really bitter, sort of an unpleasant turn after its mellow predecessor. Of all the things we drank, this was near the bottom in terms of enjoyability.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to instead of writing metal reviews. That and Halloween, where I dressed up as the Tardis. My little sister was the 11th Doctor this year, so I followed her around spinning and humming the Doctor Who theme song. Regular content will return shortly. In the mean time, you can look at this picture.


  1. Holy shit, you're good at writing this. I kind of let my "bar review" column fall by the wayside because (a) I don't try all that many new beers/liquors and (b) I really don't have the skill to describe it. I'd have to pick up on my drinking habit quite a bit to develop that skill, too. It's like you were born with this skill, or you talk about it a hell of a lot.

  2. Thanks. I was afraid I was maybe being too brief and imprecise, so it's nice to hear such a positive reception.

    It's an area of casual interest for me, but when something intrigues me my first response is usually to spend time learning whatever I can about it. As such, my ability to discuss such topics tends to develop fairly rapidly.