Saturday, October 20, 2012

Metal Covers I Wish Existed

Metallattorney posted a list of metal covers of Michael Jackson songs a couple weeks ago, and that got me thinking. What non-metal songs would make for great metal covers, and which bands would be ideal to do them? To that end, I present now a short list of metal covers that I wish existed.

Ken's Theme Song (from Street Fighter 2) by Edguy

Street Fighter 2 had some excellent, rousing, 8-bit musical compositions. Guile's Theme has even become a popular meme on YouTube, but personally I always liked Ken's the best. I've heard a metal-ish cover done before, and it sounded good enough to convince me that an experienced power metal band could really bring this song to life. I thought about other bands to actually do it, and I'm not sure why I settled on Edguy, but I think it's the combination of their musical chops and their way-less-than-serious image.

Beethoven's 5th Symphony by Electric Wizard

This could easily be a total disaster, given that Electric Wizard are hardly noteworthy for their complex or symphonic play. If it all clicked right, though, this could be the heaviest song in human history.

Before He Cheats by Witch Mountain

In spite of myself, I actually do kind of like this Carrie Underwood track. And due to it's lyrical nature, it would sound strange coming from a male singer. So for preserving the female voice, adding some bluesy soul to the mix, and pulling it firmly into the metal world to give it some extra teeth I think Witch Mountain are the perfect band.

Whiskey in the Jar by Primordial

This traditional tune was made into a modest rock hit by Thin Lizzy, and their version was later covered to great success by Metallica. So, technically, this has already been done as a metal song. But originally it's an old Irish folk song. To preserve the original flow and feel of the track, as played by bands like the Pogues and the Dubliners, while still making a distinctly metal version that can pull the best from the Metallica version, Primordial would be a fantastic group for the task. Given that there are many covers of this song, most of which I really enjoy, this particular cover would likely be my absolute favorite of the ones on this list.

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