Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Been a Month

Well it's December 1st, so that means my self-imposed exile is at an end.

I feel that this exercise has been highly productive. Rather than spending all my free time online, in the past month I have used that time to write a short story, several poems, read 2 Icelandic sagas, and design and construct a strategy/role playing board game set in 7th century England.

The productivity has been nice, but the important test is to see if I can walk away from this with a healthier approach to internet usage. I think I can. Longer posts may follow on the matter, but I'm not sure about that yet. Mostly I just wanted to say "I'm back" to my readers.


  1. Welcome back! I myself need to keep from getting drawn into involved discussions in comment sections.

  2. Time consuming. I need to learn to just speak my peace and leave it at that. I can't go in to argue with every counterpoint people bring up, or clarify misunderstandings. Just one comment.

    Once in a while they're OK. But there have just been too many of them over the last couple months.

  3. Fair enough, I guess. Sometimes such discussions can be really engaging, but time management does need to play its role too.