Saturday, October 29, 2011

Metal Halloween

Okay, so I know I've said I don't care for most of his music *gasp*, and I also realize that my costume could have been done a lot better. That being said, I decided to dress as King Diamond for Halloween this year. He's got the perfect image for it, I already owned the hat and coat, and it was a good way to stay warm. I went to Columbus to "do" Halloween last night, so I probably won't dress up on the actual day, but I've posted this picture of the finished product so you can see my total failure to imitate his make-up. That finely detailed stuff is hard to do. The hat helped a bit, and I did get a nod of recognition from a black metal guy I passed.


  1. My college roommate went as King Diamond one year. Sadly, no one had any idea who he was except for us.

  2. Well hopefully his makeup was better than mine. That certainly wouldn't be too hard.