Friday, January 21, 2011

Gender Gripe

Has anybody ever noticed that if a woman claims that men are stupid, nobody says a thing about it, but if a man claims that women are stupid he's attacked for being a sexist? Before anybody yells, I'm not saying that women are any less intelligent than men are. I think judging brainpower based on gender is extremely asinine. Additionally, there are plenty of men who unfortunately are genuinely sexist. What bothers me, though, is that the label of 'sexism' seems to have become a one-way street. There are many highly sexist women out there, and when I hear remarks about how women are superior or men don't have functioning brains, I want to know where the cries of "sexist" are. It gets on my nerves.



  1. Word, my bearded brother! To compensate for this inequality I will personally call every woman I know a sexist at random intervals for the next week. I know its not much but I want to do my part.